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25 May 2015

The Importance of Estate Planning Consultations

Administering an estate can be a complex process and uncertainties can arise, especially when individuals prepare wills without the guidance and advice of a qualified and experienced probate attorney. Moreover, proper planning helps preserve the value of the estate, as attorneys can help clients minimize tax obligations. While all people can benefit from estate planning […]

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15 Apr 2015

Preparing an Inventory of Personal Assets

Before you can figure out who will get what once you’ve passed on, you will need a complete and comprehensive inventory of your personal assets. This is an important but often-overlooked preparatory phase of estate planning, and it’s one which you should complete in advance of writing a will. Experts recommend itemizing both your assets […]

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03 Apr 2015

Tips for Choosing Beneficiaries

In some cases, choosing your beneficiaries is easy; you may simply elect to leave everything to your spouse, or divide it equally among your children. However, in other situations, things may not be so cut and dry. Complicated scenarios require careful planning and forethought to prevent delays and guard against challenges to your will and […]

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