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Probate estates are legal entities which facilitate the orderly distribution of a deceased person’s assets, such as a house, car or bank account. In Florida, estates are opened through court petitions, which are filed with the clerk of the court and presided over by a judge. In cases where the decedent had a legally valid will, the asset distribution process usually follows five main steps:

While the estate process usually runs smoothly, problems do occasionally arise. Examples of such complications include:

  • The lack of a legally valid will
  • Disputes between the estate and the decedent’s creditors
  • Disputes between named or intended beneficiaries

Dealing with the death of a loved one is always difficult, and the legal team at PPK Probate is here to alleviate the burden of any legal issues which may arise during the asset collection and distribution process. To consult with one of our knowledgeable, experienced attorneys, please contact Pollack Pollack & Kogan by email at or call 305-373-9676.