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Probate is a broad area of the law that deals with the property and claims of people who have passed away, as well as disputes between the relatives or beneficiaries of deceased persons. From a legal standpoint, probate is the process of establishing and proving a will, or the process used to disseminate assets when someone has passed away without a will.

Other procedures include the administration of the probate estate, the distribution of a deceased person’s assets and property, and the management and resolution of claims against the estate and/or litigation between the beneficiaries. The attorneys at Pollack, Pollack & Kogan, LLC (“PPK Firm”) are highly experienced with all aspects of the probate process.

The term “probate” also includes:

  • Laws and legal processes that become applicable after someone has passed away
  • The process of distributing the property of a decedent
  • The transfer of legal title in property to the beneficiaries of an estate
  • The payment of the decedents’ debts, including funeral expenses, creditor claims, taxes and other claims.
  • Litigation concerning challenges to a will or trust
  • An elective share for a surviving spouse
  • Appointment and representation of personal representatives
  • The payment of a family allowance
  • The establishment and protection of homestead property

Legally speaking, beneficiaries are the persons entitled to receive property from a probate estate. This property may originate from a will, or be distributed under Florida’s inheritance laws. The personal representative of an estate, who may be appointed by a will, is responsible for the administration of a probate estate. Personal representatives often hire an attorney to help them open an estate, a process which is carried out through dedicated courts in the state of Florida.

PPK Firm can assist with opening an estate, the estate administration process and all other legal matters involving probate issues. For a consultation, or to discuss your probate matter in detail, contact the PPK Firm team via email at, or call 305-373-9676.